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Please send all completed forms to Golden West Property Management. Remember to include deposit checks or certified mailing fees, if applicable. Please retain a copy of the form until the request is completed.
    Golden West Property Management
    6101 Ball Road, Suite 301
    Cypress, CA 90630
    FAX: 714 220 9327

Architectural Change Form
Making changes to the exterior of your home, like adding / changing windows or doors, installing a satellite dish, tinting windows, adding tile to your patio or installing an air conditioning unit? Per Surfcrest CC&R's any exterior change requires architectural approval.
   Architectural Application Packet
   Completion of the attached form is necessary prior to any work beginning on your project. Finished forms require a maximum 30 (thirty) day review process after which you will be notified of request status and, if approved, work scheduling may begin.
   The attached form includes the following:
        - General Information, Guidelines & Restrictions , Article XV/Surfcrest CC&R's regarding patio specific information (pages 1 - 7)
        - Architectural Review Application & Neighbor Awareness Statement (pages 8-12)
        - Guidelines for Patio Resurfacing, Guidelines pertaining to replacement of Windows & Doors, Guidelines for Installation of Air Conditioning Unit and Guidelines for Installation of Satellite Dish (pages 13, 14, 15 and 16, respectively)
   If you have any questions regarding specified guidelines please direct them to the Management Company for clarification.

Landscape Planting Form
If you would like to plant in front of, or behind, your unit, please review and complete this Landscape Planting Form and submit to management

Maintenance Request
Please use the Service Request Form to electronically notify Golden West Property Management of any maintenance issue. This includes lighting, pool, landscaping or any community service.

Pool Party
"Are you planning a pool party? You have 2 different types of forms to choose from. A PDF or electronically auto send form but you only need to complete one. Completely fill out the 3 page Pool Party Request Form and allow 4 working days for a response.

Check calendar for availability

Auto Send Google Document Pool Party Request Form. Complete the entire 3 page Pool Party Request Form then auto send. Allow 4 working days for reply from Goldenwest Property Management and/or Pool Committee Board Member.
PDF Version. Complete the entire 3 page Pool Party Request Form, copy or scan and email it to Goldenwest Property Management to for review. Allow 4 working days for reply from Goldenwest Property Management and/or Pool Committee Board Member.

Pool Key
Each homeowner was issued two pool keys. If a pool key was lost or additional pool keys are required, any homeowner can receive a replacement pool key by submitting a $250 refundable deposit. The deposit is returned to the homeowner when the key is returned or when the property is sold. If the key is not returned at the time of sale, the deposit is forfeited. Please use the form below and submit a $250 refundable deposit made payable to Surfcrest Corporation plus a $10 check made payable to Golden West Property Management to cover the costs of certified mail and shipping fees.
     New Pool Key Request Form

Security System
If you want to change the entry code or the listing for the entry gate on Seapoint, please return the Update Security System Form to Golden West Property Management.
     Update Security System Form

Vehicle Registration
Each homeowner is responsible for registering new vehicle with the Association. Return the Vehicle Registration Form with a copy of the vehicle registration.
     Vehicle Registration Form

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