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Pool Use
  1. Hours: The Pool Area facilities are closed between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 5:00 A.M. Please be considerate and respectful of nearby residents prior to 7:00 A.M. and after 9:00 P.M.
  2. Adult Supervision Required for Children under the Age of Fourteen. No child under the age of fourteen shall enter, nor remain within, the Pool Area without the supervision of an adult 18 years of age or older.
  3. Residents and Guests Only: The Surfcrest Pool Area is for the use of residents and their guests only. Day guests must be accompanied by a resident 18 years of age or older.
  4. Limited Number of Guests: No resident shall bring more than 10 guests into the Pool Area at one time, without prior notification to, and authorization from, the Management Company and approval from the Board of Directors. Such notice shall be provided to the Management Company no less than 15 business days prior to the event. The Management Company may deny authorization if prior reservations would cause the Pool Area capacity to be exceeded. After receiving Management Company approval, the Resident is responsible for posting their party date and time on the bulletin board in the Pool Area one week prior to the event. When the party has come to the approved end-time, the Resident's Guests should vacate the Pool Area. Trash must also be picked up and removed from the pool area at that time.
  5. Responsible Persons: Residents are responsible for their own actions as well as those of their guests.
  6. Children, Toddlers, and Babies: All children of any age must wear swim attire. No bare bottoms! Unless the child is "potty trained", "swim diapers" must be used in the Pool and Pool Area under a bathing suit. Parents of children wearing swim diapers have full responsibility for monitoring their children and removing them immediately from the Pool if their swim diapers become soiled.
  7. Pool Toys: Devices for pool use, including; Noodles, Swim Vests, Kickboards, and single person floatation devices may be used in the Pool; provided that their use does not interfere with other Residents' use of the Pool.
Pool Area
  1. Clean-Up: Residents and Guest must return pool furniture to their proper places, and return chair-backs to their upright positions.
  2. Trash: All trash shall be deposited in appropriate receptacles: Residents are responsible for their own, as well as their guests clean up.
Prohibited Items
  1. Glass items, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, scooters, boogie-boards, surfboards, roller-or inline skates of any kind, commercial vehicle inner tubes and large, multi-person flotation devices are prohibited in the Pool Area.
  2. Pets And Animals Prohibited: No person shall bring any pet or animal into the Pool Area.
  3. Nuisance Prohibited: No person shall disrupt the peaceful use of the Pool Area by others, nor disturb nearby residents, by engaging in any of the following behaviors: acting in a rowdy or boisterous manner, diving, playing loud music, running, or using profanity. Any other disruptive or offensive behavior not listed is also prohibited.
  4. Smoking Prohibited: No person shall smoke within the Pool Area.
  5. Wetsuits are prohibited in the Pool and Spa.
  6. No Sand in the Pool Area: No person coming from the beach shall use the Pool or Spa without first showering in the Pool shower provided.

Pool Rules
Here is a pdf version of all the association rules. This includes the Pool Rules.
     Blue Book - R&R with Pool Rules

Pool Party
"Are you planning a pool party? You have 2 different types of forms to choose from. A PDF or electronically auto send form but you only need to complete one. Completely fill out the 3 page Pool Party Request Form and allow 4 working days for a response.

Check calendar for availability

Auto Send Google Document Pool Party Request Form. Complete the entire 3 page Pool Party Request Form then auto send. Allow 4 working days for reply from Kimber Nole at Certified HOA Management Inc. and/or Pool Committee Board Member.
PDF Version. Complete the entire 3 page Pool Party Request Form, copy or scan and email it to Kimber Nold of Certified HOA Management Inc. to Kimber@certifiedHOAMgmt.com for review. Allow 4 working days for reply from Certified HOA Management Inc. and/or Pool Committee Board Member.

Pool Key
Each homeowner was issued two pool keys. If a pool key was lost or additional pool keys are required, any homeowner can receive a replacement pool key by submitting a $250 refundable deposit. The deposit is returned to the homeowner when the key is returned or when the property is sold. If the key is not returned at the time of sale, the deposit is forfeited. Please use the form below and submit a $250 refundable deposit made payable to Surfcrest Corporation plus a $10 check made payable to Certified HOA Management Inc. to cover the costs of certified mail and shipping fees.
     New Pool Key Request Form

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